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We start with clarity. In a business world where there is much talk and often confusion about corporate responsibility and sustainability, we’ll spend time with you and your teams to first guide you through the regenerative approach to business.  Engaging in our Regenerative Innovation Program, you will be able to use its models to identify and capture enhanced value across your organisation and asset base, which can be recognised in both long and short term value gains. We support your business and investments to develop ideas from a living systems framework that engages powerfully with stakeholders as we partner you through to implementation of those ideas and the measurement of its impacts.

Across years of development and
design testing and depth of understanding of the challenges faced across markets, JET has designed a breakthrough methodology enabling organisations to establish marketing leadership in uncertain times. 



JET offers a pioneering Regenerative Innovation Program for whole Cities, Boards, C-Suite and Project Teams. Our program uses the 9 principles of regenerative design and development to partner city stakeholders, institutional investors, banks and corporations to establish market leadership and enhanced value creation by taking a leading regenerative approach to governance, corporate, innovation and investment strategies – all the way through to design and development of tactical projects, delivery, enablement and impact measurement.

This program is for your city or organisation if you aspire to lead the pack in Environmental Social Governance (ESG), or operationalisation of leadership in meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or establishing methodologies to future proof your organisation from volatility and uncertainty by becoming a market leader. We help your city or organisation capture value multiples across seven kinds of capital by identifying and harnessing your unique potential using our pioneering Regenerative Methodologies.

Regenerative Innovation Program

Our Regenerative Innovation Program is a "Thinking Technology" designed for Cities, Boards and C-Suite and also Project Teams. Our methodology involves partnering you and your stakeholders to: - design dynamic governance models, which is the frame through which we view risk, opportunity and impact - design corporate, investment and innovation strategies using our bespoke regenerative models and frameworks to unleash the value creation and capture potential of your organisation or city and your assets. - tactical project / asset design in alignment with developed strategies, including project and portfolio management support - delivery and implementation support including technology development and quality assurance teams - impact analytics and reporting

Low Code

With highly experienced teams in change management, project and portfolio management and low code software development, we use low code as one of our innovation enabling technologies to enable you rapid time to market. Low Code is 3 – 6 x faster than native code development. We partner your organisation to apply agile methodologies to software development. Low code services are one technology option JET offers in the tactical design and development phase once your organisation has successfully commenced the Regenerative Innovation Program. We establish continuous development tracks, to seamlessly integrate your strategic aims to your portfolio development, reducing the incidents of horizontal value erosion and accelerating value capture.

Impact Measurement and Analytics

Increasing market pressures and mandated regulations across industries are adding pressure to both organisations and investors. Demand for transparent reporting is increasing, not only by regulators, but also consumers. We partner our clients to establish custom impact assessment methodologies and build supportive functionality into the custom software solutions we assist you to build. We establish dynamic impact measurement which includes internal impact assessment, monitoring your actual achievements against your strategic aims, and your value capture across our seven kinds of capital, in addition to your impact on external ecosystems better meeting the needs of regulators.

Quality Management and Assurance for Rapid Application Development

Have you ever been frustrated with how quality assurance can sometimes slow down your time to market? JET has developed a pioneering solution for meeting high standards of quality management and assurance for rapid application development. Our methodologies bring quality to the forefront of agile project management. This ensures your solutions meet the highest standards of quality and reliability without sacrificing your speed. Our Quality Service Centre is embedded into your tactical design and development phase.

Enablement Services

JETs partnership model ensures your organisation is partnered throughout the entire evolutive process from strategy, to tactical design and and delivery, through to impact measurement. However, it is essential your teams become enabled to use not only the regenerative tools and frameworks, but also the leading edge technologies adopted to drive your organisation forward. We offer programs to assist in establishing an agile culture across your organisation in addition to software development practices and can also establish Centre's of Excellence, skilling up and mentoring your teams, or partnering your to build new teams in alignment with your strategy.

ESG and SDGs

In 2021, the World Economic Forum and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board introduced the concept of "Dynamic Materiality" as a way to better assess and mitigate risk for organisations and investors. In 2020, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the United Nations announced the decade of action, where between 2020 and 2030 we have ten years to reach Net Zero targets to mitigate the factors leading to irreversible climate change. JET uses its regenerative tools and frameworks to assist public sector, investors, banks and corporations to over achieve in these areas, not only leading to better organisational and asset performance, but also contributing value to broader ecosystems.


Our services are suited to:


  • Pension Funds
  • Banks


  • Organisations >1000 employees

      across industry sectors

Public Sector

  • Whole community / city development & transformation


Peta Milan

Peta Milan is CEO and co-founder of JET, CEO and founder of venture studio Transcendent Media Capital, author and international speaker. She sits on the international advisory board of The World Sustainable Development Forum, is founding Council Member of The Digital Economist and Associate Fellow of The World Academy of Art and Science and member of two UN working groups in transforming global energy and agriculture and global leadership in the 21st century. Peta is also an inaugural member of Future Capital and founding advisor for “100 Women @Davos”, a multinational group advocating for diversity, inclusion and greater presence of women in leadership.

Markus Henschel

Markus began his career after completing his degree in robotics and artificial intelligence at Bielefeld University,  starting as a research assistant in Germany before moving into the web content environment in 2006. Markus worked on web and enterprise content management  which led to a career in consulting with a leading ECM vendor for international clients across EMEA. He enriched his skills portfolio with sales related activities in the UK and Ireland and supported activities in Scandinavia and Germany from his London based sales operation. He founded his own IT services and technology company in 2016 focusing on emerging technologies such as Low Code and Blockchain. 


JETs Board is made up of industry leaders across sectors of regenerative practice, technology, ESG and sustainability and brand and marketing. Our multi-disciplinary, distinguished leadership ensures that JET continuously innovates to bring thought leadership and innovative capabilities that help establish us and our clients as market leaders


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"One of JETs greatest strengths is its diversity. It allows them to understand business in a global context”
Richard D.H
Global Head of IT
“JET are always very professional and flexible adapting to our changes and helping us to respond quickly. It has been a very personalised experience”
Johannes W
CTO and Head of Product Management
“JET’s team have a huge wealth of experience both at a strategic level and with delivery. They have helped us implement and roll out core strategic projects faster than I would have expected ”
David F
IT Program Manager




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